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Cyber Security Services

Details about  cyber space is the most valuable currency in today’s world, every firm large or small that relies on information to function would want to keep it safe inside a fortress of security.
Alamance assists your firm in developing thorough policies and appropriate information technology in order to successfully protect your sensitive data.

Businesses resort to managed security services providers to relieve the challenges they experience on a daily basis, such as targeted malware, customer data theft, skills shortages, and resource limits, all of which are related to information security.

We collaborate with individuals who are in charge of selecting, implementing , and administering IT security services to ensure that your organization’s Information Security / Cyber Security needs are met to the best of our ability.

Information Security Implementation Process

Through A Rigorous Process, Our Team Of Information Security Experts Will Assist You In Meeting The Security Standards.


Through systems study we investigate to determine whether implementing an IT security service might improve the effectiveness of the organization.


We provide organization inputs to determine the requirement based on the security of the current environment using metrics, along with potential solutions.


The organization’s decision makers evaluate potential solutions, arrive at acceptable service arrangement solution from the set of available options.


We allow an organization to ensure operational success by consistently monitoring our services.


Once the organization selects and engages with us we develop a service arrangement and implement the solution.


The organization smoothly transits from an Insecure to a Secured environment.

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Is Your Organization’s Information Secured From Cyber Risk?

  • Cyber Vulnerability
  • Mail System Vulnerability
  • Remote Access Vulnerability
  • Wireless Network Vulnerability
  • Wireless Network Vulnerability
  • Internal Vulnerability
  • User Account Security Vulnerability
  • Internet Vulnerability