IT Infrastructure & Software Licensing Partnership

Alamance Inc. Has Worked With Some Of The World's Most Prominent Organizations To Provide You With The Greatest IT Infrastructure And Software Licensing Without Having To Search For Alternatives.

Enterprise Solutions


To the core, the cloud is secure. Designed for your data, use the cloud to run a more efficient business.

Network & Security

Every day, vital personal and business data is transmitted over computer networks, making security one of the most important components of networking.

Backup & Restore

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so back up your company’s critical data and restore it in the event of a disaster.

Desktop Applications

Applications that run processes smoothly can be just office management / create your own designs for the organization’s publishing requirements.


Cloud computing allows everyone to have access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be deployed quickly and easily over the internet.

It focuses on resource sharing to create coherence and economies of scale, allowing businesses to avoid or reduce the costs of IT infrastructure.

We help businesses build up a cloud environment that allows them to easily access servers, storage, databases, and a wide range of application services over the Internet.

IT Software Licensing

A software license is a legal instrument that governs the use or redistribution of software A typical software license grants the licensee, typically an end-user, permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise potentially constitute copyright infringement of the software owner’s exclusive rights under copyright law.
All software must be legally licensed before it may be installed and the proof of purchase must be available for presentation when required by authroised.

One thing that has complicated software licensing, at least to a degree, is the fact that there are several different types of licensing models.

Organizations spend a fortune on licenses every year, and a lack of management around it can result in heavy fines.

Data Backup and Recovery

It is crucial for any organization to protect the data, to do so you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan, to ensure you have a copy of the data against accidental loss/database corruption, hardware failure.

Our data backup and recovery solutions help you with fast backup and recovery to keep pace with your business, thereby giving significant time savings compared to previous solutions.

Computer Networking

Computer networking aims at establishing communication processes among various devices/computer systems, it includes physical cabling using ( bridge, switch, router, etc.) and also using wireless technology.

The increasing scope of communication has led to much advancement in the networking field and in its relative industries like hardware, software manufacturing, and integration. Computer networks are the backbone of modern-day communication.

Our team of network engineers continuously stays on top of the cutting-edge; from hardware to software.

Our well-rounded expertise spans multiple leading technologies, and are able to provide your company with an unparalleled level of support – no matter your company’s size and scope

Information Security

It is a very critical requirement of an organization to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT systems and business data to only authorized persons. The objective of Information security is to ensure that sensitive information is only disclosed to authorized persons and prevent unauthorized modification of data.

Threats can come in many different forms, such as malware and phishing attacks, identity theft, and ransomware.

Our information security experts will help you to deter attackers and mitigate vulnerabilities at various points, by implementing multiple security controls that are coordinated as part of a layered defense in-depth strategy.

Fortunately, we as resellers offer software licensing solutions that give developers and designers protection from these constant threats.


Optimized Installation

Get your installations to run faster while using fewer resources, saving you time.

Automatic Compliance

During your service duration, we will ensure that you are in compliance with all legal requirements.

24/7 Support

Our technical professionals are always by your side, providing unwavering assistance.

Smooth Deployment

Expert Engineers will deploy all of your requirements quietly, so you won't hear a thing.